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Daily operations at an FBO is never dull. Take a peek at a typical shift at Skylink Services below.

Never a Dull Moment at Skylink Services

Sergio Sergiou
Station Manager
Skylink Services Ltd, FBO Cyprus – LCLK

Being the only FBO terminal, holding stage 2 ISBAH certification, and operating the Heads of States lounge in the Republic of Cyprus can be a daunting job for anyone. Still, you will never go home and say your day was dull.  From the moment you arrive at Skylink Executive Terminal, you never know who will be arriving or leaving. The 24 hr Operations will inform you what’s in store for your shift. From VIPs and celebrities, to families with their beloved four-legged baby Mr. Pickle in tow. You ensure that their every need is catered for, even down to the wet-nosed VIP’s needs.

You may not be meeting and assisting passengers; you may have crew stops only, which are never mundane. The Saudi Hawks Aerobatic Team is a massive thrill for Skylink and the entire airport. Their formation landing and refueling with World Fuel Services through the Skylink Air Elite membership is often a shift all staff will compete for.

There is always a seriousness to the job and time for learning new things such as preparing for the unexpected and having training to perform CPR should the need ever arise, a life skill that can be used anywhere and anytime.

As your shift ends and you hand over to your colleague, you may tie up any necessary paperwork and reflect on the day. You may have dealt with a visa issue or veterinary permit, an unusual customs declaration, a special catering request, or allocating a specific wine for the flight and bespoke flowers for that discerning passenger.

You head home proud that you have contributed to the customer’s elevated experience with visiting an Air Elite location and looking forward to your next fun-filled day.

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