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A Bright Future Ahead

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the inaugural edition of our new magazine – A World of Air Elite. With the continued growth of the Air Elite Network of Diamond Service FBOs, we are excited to create this publication for all of you – our professional flight crews and aircraft owners! We are very grateful for your continued support.

Currently, I work as Sales and Marketing Director for Harrods Aviation in London (Luton and Stansted airports).Through my relationships and interactions with the network members, my passion for the Air Elite Network has been ignited. As a result, since 2014, I have had the privilege of serving as the Chairman of the Air Elite Board. During my time with Air Elite I have seen many firsts for our network the first South American, Mexican, African and Chinese FBOs to join the network, and the first loyalty program to promote and support our diamond service FBOs (Diamond Dividends). I have also seen the first service designation network to reach 60+ members with independent operators and the first customised concierge software designed specifically to support a network of service-oriented FBOs that place the importance of service above all else. Air Elite is the first network to elevate the loyalty rewards offered to pilots and flight operators for their fine judgment in choosing to visit FBOs within our network, in combination with their utilisation of World Fuel Services’ AVCARD or World Fuel Services’ Contract Fuel. What’s most exciting is what we have yet to accomplish!

With the creation of this global network of uniquely exceptional FBOs back in 2011, President of one of the founding FBOs, Tim Ward of Alliance Aviation Services in Fort Worth, Texas (KAFW), stated‘We believe strongly that flight departments desire a combination of great service and superior facilities. This basic premise still drives the design and direction of the network today. The collaborative foundation of this network combines the expertise and resources of World Fuel Services with the collective commitment of the world’s best FBO locations and operators.’ From the network’s leadership to each network FBOs’ personnel, from the top to bottom, this is our commitment. Our member-driven board continues to develop and implement innovative, service-based initiatives to drive the evolution of our service philosophy. It’s the core of what we strive for in our network design and future goals. I assure you, there will be more firsts to come for Air Elite!

Beyond my leadership efforts with the board, the passion I have for Air Elite is evident in representing our 62 FBO locations, who work diligently to maintain our high quality of service and facility standards. Through annual network-supported FBO audits, continual education of industry trends, implementation of best practices and industry innovation of services, AirElite is committed to remain at the diamond point of customer service. Members are encouraged to benchmark the network’s fundamental service philosophies to develop and implement their own service delivery, training and safety standards. All locations strive to remain vigilant in all facets of service, with the ultimate goal of solidifying our network as a global standard in exceptional and consistent FBO service.

There is a bright future ahead for Air Elite. Our FBOs are increasingly passionate about delivering reliable diamond service within their unique regions.Air Elite continues to grow globally and strategically to ensure that diamond service FBOs are located in allareas of the globe to create better network connectivity and exceed the expectations of our valued business and general aviation clients.

Whilst the industry is constantly changing, we promise to continue to provide unwavering service for your aircraft, your flight crews and your passengers. We look forward to serving you and your team when you arrive on our ramps around the globe.

Will Holroyd
Sales & Marketing Director,
Harrods Aviation
Chairman, Air Elite Network Board






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