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Working from home during the pandemic is unusual for the business aviation industry. Read below to learn how Harrods Aviation made it possible to ease back into reopening.

The IT Team Made Working from Home Easier

Will Holroyd
Director, Sales & Marketing
Harrods Aviation – EGSS/EGGW

Well, that hit us like a tonne of bricks! 2020 has certainly not followed the path any of us would have imagined. We did not anticipate needing to close both Harrods locations and navigating how to work from home. On a personal note, working from home was a blessing as my wife was enjoying a twin pregnancy, eager to welcome our babies into an exciting, free, and for the most part, unchallenging world.

As a self-proclaimed traditional company, the new ‘working from home’ scenario was a challenge for Harrods. This was the time for our IT team to shine, and they did! Coming out from behind the shadows ‘teams’ was installed, home access was arranged, hardware and software were delivered and installed. All that work they did in their cave suddenly made sense. We still had a fully functioning business; our meetings were just now on a screen rather than face to face.

We employ over 50 ‘back-office staff,’ finance, sales and marketing, human resources, and critical operational staff all needed to continue to work. Invoices still needed to be paid, but perhaps most importantly, our customers needed to hear from us why and how we were doing what we were doing. Thanks to our IT team, we were able to maintain most business as usual until reopening.

Our FBO closure was short, and we reopened after a very deep clean of the facility and a strategy put together from home to ease back into being on location. The response from most of our customers has been understanding and very welcoming. We are slower, of course, until the USA, Middle, and Far East markets begin to open. Our customer base is reduced, but it has been rewarding to welcome new faces to both facilities.

The support we have received, and been proud to offer, from the Air Elite Network has been remarkable. For all involved in running an Air Elite location the learning curve has been steep, sharing experiences among likeminded people has been critical in adapting to the new global norm. With so much knowledge and shared experience available, it is no wonder that we have grown stronger through this experience as a network.

Oh, the twins? They arrived safe and sound on the 11th of March. Wilson Edward and Marnie June have no idea what they were born into, but their smiles have kept us going. They show us daily that there is hope and that love is easy to find, even in the darkest times.



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