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Greetings from Abu Dhabi and Royal Jet.  Please accept my wishes for a happy, safe and successful new year.

I have had the honor to serve as a member of the Air Elite Board since June, 2014, representing the Middle East, Africa, and most recently, the Asia-Pacific region.  As the Outstation Logistics Manager for Royal Jet, I am based out of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates where my focus is in guiding Royal Jet’s operational expansion and business development as it relates to our charter business and our FBO operations.   My career in aviation has allowed me many opportunities, where I’ve been fortunate to see the industry from several vantages in the areas of auditing, FBO operations, FBO project development and even commercial airline operations.  My contributions to the Air Elite Network Board stem from my knowledge and experience in these areas, where I have provided my guidance to give the network better global perspective as it relates to growth, expansion and improvements in standards.

In my time as an Air Elite Network Board member, I’ve witnessed the network’s extraordinary growth. The network has expanded to new continents and countries, now fully encompassing the globe and spreading the Diamond Difference.  With each new FBO addition, flight operator’s benefit from the convenience of a more widespread network with the ‘Comfort of Consistency’ and the ‘Pleasure of Variety’.  These are two of the foundational beliefs to ensure your passengers and crews receive a trusted and unique experience.  Our network definition is continuously refined with a focused lens on the services, facilities, training and safety to support each location’s delivery of consistent, diamond-level service experience.  In this new year, the Air Elite Network is poised to grow even larger, creating an further interconnected network, all while continuing to set the standard for business & general aviation service and quality.

It has always been my goal to ensure that customer service delivery is defined in the training, management and daily operations of our FBO, as we wished to see it elevated from an operator perspective. I’ve been fortunate to experience FBO Service delivery at multiple locations as a customer and I can share that the definition of service excellence widely varies around the globe.  This is what inspired Royal Jet to join the network.  As with other Air Elite Diamond Service Locations, we sought to partner with other like-minded FBOs who genuinely wished to collaborate and redefine FBO service delivery.

We have worked diligently together in the pursuit of delivering intelligent, genuine and incomparable service to the flight departments and operators we serve globally.  This is enforced from the start with the stringent facility and service standards required for membership.  The network seeks only those FBOs that sincerely understand and align with the network philosophy for Diamond Service.

I will continue to serve in my role as Board Member through June, 2017, collaborating with the Board, the Air Elite Network Members and the World Fuel Services Team to continue this trend.  It has been a truly enjoyable experience to watch the network definition evolve and the philosophy take hold in each member.  I encourage you to learn more about the Air Elite Network and our FBO members.  We, at Royal Jet, await the opportunity to exceed your expectations and serve your passengers, crew and aircraft needs.

Prajeet Parparambil
Outstation Logistics Manager
Royal Jet
Air Elite Network Board Member

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