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With technology becoming ingrained into every aspect of our lives, we have a higher level of access to information and services than ever before. Apps such as UBER®, SPOTIFY®, and LinkedIn® have made tasks like waving down a cab in the rain, lumbering through department stores for the latest CDs, and scanning the classifieds for job opportunities seem archaic. Efficiency and convenience are the bedrock of these apps, and with more than 2 million apps currently available in the market place, our lives will continue to become increasingly dependent on the efficiencies provided by technology.

With so many apps starting to saturate markets, evolution is the key to success. A historical example: Facebook was created in 2004 to initially serve as a networking site for students of Harvard University. As of June 2017, the social media platform had over 2 billion active users per month and serves a multitude of purposes outside of networking – all being a direct result of the strategic evolution of their practices.

The aviation industry is no stranger to the evolution of technology and the two continue to become increasingly integrated and cohesive with one another. The myWorld app, which will be released in the first half of 2018, will be free to all World Fuel Services customers and will provide a new level of efficiency, safety and convenience to pilots and flight departments. The myWorld app consolidates flight planning, trip and fuel applications into a single platform, allowing greater control to streamline flight paths and in turn, reduce trip complexity and cost. Backed by World Fuel Services’ 24/7 operations team, myWorld equips pilots, schedulers, and dispatchers with a full set of online tools and an all-access pass to aviation information that is unmatched in the industry.

Seattle Avionics, an industry leader, has partnered with myWorld to integrate approximately 30,000 charts for 51 countries outside of North America, plus over 12,000 in North America, as well as 4,500 hand-drawn U.S. airport diagrams. VP of Global Trip Support for World Fuel Services, Jeff Briand said, “By integrating SA’s ChartData in the app, we are making it easy for users to understand their options with real-time weather and approach plates.”

SkyVector, known for their enroute aeronautical charts, is another industry expert and app contributor. These charts, seamlessly stitched together, move when viewed from the cockpit. They cover all global airspaces and are updated every 28 days to ensure accuracy in all aeronautical data. Other key contributors to the myWorld app include, Aircraft Performance Group, NavBlue, Mapbox, PDFTron, Avfinity, and IBM, The Weather Company – an IBM Business.

IBM’s partnership with World Fuel Services assisted in the development of a modern user interface (UI) for myWorld. By utilizing IBM’s Design Thinking Process and Interactive Experience, the app was created with a unique design approach that is heavily dependent on continual pilot input regarding the app’s UI and functionality. The shared development method is key in providing app capabilities that enable “self-service” across the flight planning process for an unmatched user experience. This app and the functionality within it is being developed with not only the pilots in mind, but the entire flight department as well.

Because the features and content from these contributors has been built directly into the myWorld app, this information is available without a data connection. From flight planning and weather briefing, to weight and balance calculations and ordering fuel, pilots will be able to access everything they need all in one place – even while in flight.

To demo the myWorld app and learn more about its features, visit World Fuel Services in row 1400 at NBAA’s 2018 Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference in Long Beach, CA, February 6-8, 2018.

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