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    A Global network of uniquely exceptional FBOs

    Comfort of consistency, pleasure of variety

  • And More with World Fuel Services

    Great options for fuel and aviation products and services
    at Air Elite® locations

  • Diamond Service

    Legendary Diamond Service
    Helps assure stress-free arrivals and departures
    for passengers and crew

  • Our Member Locations

    Diamond Service through professionally-operated FBOs
    in unique, independent locations

  • Perks and Rewards

    Earn exceptional reward points for linked purchases
    at our Diamond Service locations

The Air Elite Value

The Diamond Difference

Choose diamond-level quality and reliability, paired with the pleasure of unique regional flair

Air Elite Locations

For your next flight, see our map with our global network of uniquely exceptional FBOs

Perks and Rewards

Earn double or quadruple FlyBuys® Rewards on linked purchases at Air Elite® Diamond Service Locations.

World Fuel Services

Every Air Elite® Diamond Service location is a member of the World Fuel Services Network.