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Greetings and Happy New Year from our Global Trip Support Headquarters in Houston, Texas!

2017 has been an exciting year for the Air Elite Network marked by impressive growth with new locations added around the globe. In fact, we are honored to have added 17 new Diamond Service Locations to our network in just the past year. As we continue to evolve our service delivery and offerings for the flying public, we are optimistic that 2018 will prove to be an equally exciting growth year for the network.

Likewise, the past year was an exciting time for World Fuel Services’ Business and General Aviation offering as a whole. At the pinnacle of this excitement was the announcement of our new, innovative and elite iPad app – myWorld.

myWorld is the next generation app for pilots and flight operators that merges our Online Flight Planning (OFP™), FuelFinder, location finder, and Trip View® technologies into one convenient mobile application. Our team enlisted the help of IBM iX to assist in the technical development, and combined their expertise with continual input and testing from some of our industry’s most demanding flight operations customers to design a state-of-the-art user experience.

The app provides users with complex information and calculations embedded directly into the flight planning process. This is all fed by information and technologies from some of our industry’s leading companies including Seattle Avionics, Aircraft Performance Group, NavBlue, Mapbox, and SkyVector. Since this information is all built into the app, these features are available to pilots whether they are on the ground or in the air without a data connection.

Our agreement with Seattle Avionics has allowed us to bundle over 40,000 industry-leading global charts and 4,500 hand-drawn U.S. airport diagrams – one for every paved airport in the country. The company’s ChartData™ includes Geographic Information Systems geo-referenced data for 60 countries with approach-certified DO200A charts, along with 40,000 CFII approach plates. All of this information is updated and recertified every 28 days to ensure accuracy.

Aircraft Performance Group’s (APG) iPreflight™ framework was integrated into myWorld to provide increased accuracy and safety for every flight plan. This includes the combination of best-in-class take-off and landing performance calculations, along with weight & balance calculations. Pilots can adjust all of this data as necessary and with or without a data connection.

Another exciting feature of myWorld is the integration of SkyVector’s worldwide enroute aeronautical charts into the app’s flexible map layering. With this feature, pilots can quickly and easily overlay key flight plan data including AIRMETs, SIGMETs, TFRs, satellite imagery, and real-time weather directly onto the dynamic global charts.

All of these seamless integrations are examples of how our team is focused on working with the best in the business to provide industry-leading solutions to increase safety, enhance regulatory compliance, and provide time savings and convenience for pilots and flight departments.

Gone are the days when pilots need to flip between several different apps to plan flights, calculate weight & balance, set-up fuel orders, and view real-time weather. All of this is now possible through one, user-friendly app that is free to World Fuel Services customers.

myWorld will be available for download in the iTunes App Store in the first quarter of 2018. This launch is just the first step in the strategic evolution of our mission to make our customers’ jobs more efficient and working with our team simpler. Stay tuned in the coming months for further releases of myWorld as we continue our quest for innovation. As we continue to enhance our offers on the trip support side of things, you can count on the Air Elite Network of Diamond Service Locations to forge ahead in their mission to exceed the expectations of flight crews and passengers the world over.

Joel Purdom
Senior Vice President, Global Trip Support
World Fuel Services

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