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A new year has begun and with it comes the promise of great happenings in 2017.

This is no exception for the Air Elite Network.  The World Fuel Services sponsored network began in 2011 with 12 FBOs in the United States, all seeking to become something beyond just a single FBO.  These FBOs sought the support and best practices of FBOs from around the globe to learn, teach and collaborate toward a more robust definition of what an FBO can do in the way of service delivery for the pilots, passengers, and aircraft.

We had no idea the concept would resound so well around the globe and with such high caliber FBOs operating across all continents.  Today, the network membership consists of a total of 67 Diamond Service Locations and each member remains committed to providing FBO service and facilities that set a new standard in quality.

The network is truly a unique collection of FBOs who simply will not settle to do things the way they have always been done.  Air Elite FBOs aim to expand their efforts and the future definition of FBO service levels – they seek to deliver what others have not yet defined as possible.  These independent Owners, General Managers, Directors, Chief Executive Officers and respective teams refuse to limit their current efforts to what is expected – they commit to finding innovative and elevated strategies to redefine their ability to exceed today’s expectation of the FBO.  In doing this, the network trusts that they will draw the attention of those discerning, sometimes demanding aircraft operators, who need assurances that their FBO selection will bode well for the aircraft owner, management company, charter company and ultimately their passengers. This is the driving force behind the design and the philosophy of the Air Elite Network.

The network has certainly seen its share of growth in recent months.  Most notably, the addition of eight Deer Jet FBO locations in China and the addition of five Hawker Pacific locations throughout Australia and Singapore has punctuated the impressive expansion into the Asia-Pacific market.  We are optimistic about the prospect for more growth continuing through 2017 in a variety of regions.  We will share the newest locations each quarter in the ‘A World Of Air Elite’ magazine, for your future arrivals.

Keep your eye on the Air Elite Network to continue to answer the call for FBO owners who refuse to settle for mediocrity – much like the operators they serve. The strategic growth planned for 2017 and beyond will evolve the connectivity of the locations and continue to seek independent operators who are able to answer the call, raise the bar and deliver uniquely exceptional service to our aircraft operators around the world.

Michael Szczechowski
SVP, Business Aviation Sales
World Fuel Services

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