Commitment to Sustainability

Committed to Sustainability

Air Elite® by World Fuel now has 43 member locations that have become carbon neutral. Working with Air Elite’s network locations, World Fuel Services’ affiliate, World Kinect Energy Services, analyzed the member’s energy use and retired carbon offsets to compensate for their 2019 scope 1 and scope 2 carbon emissions.


Additionally, Air Elite and World Fuel Services has launched the same process to balance its 2020 scope 1 and scope 2 carbon emissions and has committed to becoming a sustainable network in 2020 and beyond. Read below to learn more about our initiative.

“Sustainability is an important responsibility for our industry and is a growing desire for our customers. In response, Air Elite has started its sustainability journey. I am proud of the 43 Air Elite members who have stepped up to make their operations carbon-neutral. That’s not an easy investment in this COVID era. Regardless, they have taken the first strides to set a path for Air Elite to be a carbon-neutral network, as well as supporting sustainability initiatives going forward.”
Larry Wade

President, Golden Isles Aviation

Air Elite’s 2019 carbon purchase utilized Forestry Carbon Offsets

Forests cover nearly 31 per cent of our planet’s land area and are instrumental in removing pollution from the atmosphere.

By purchasing carbon offsets from a forestry project through World Kinect Energy Services, Air Elite is contributing toward the Sustainable Development Goals of the U.N. and will also have a positive impact on climate change. World Kinect handled everything for the network.

“We applaud the decision of Air Elite’s leadership to pursue carbon neutrality. With our solutions, we are in the position to help network members easily achieve their carbon reduction goals.

With our first Sustainable Aviation Fuel shipments in 2014 to the addition of selling fuel bundled with offsets in our FBO software, World Fuel Services has and will continue to commit our resources to create a more sustainable future for our customers and the aviation industry.”

Steve Drzymalla

Senior Vice President | Business Aviation Bulk Fuel, World Fuel Services

More Ways to be Sustainable

World Fuel recently announced more ways to help World Fuel Network members achieve their sustainability goals.

Actively Supporting Business Aviation

As a member of the Coalition of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), World Fuel actively supports the business aviation industry’s goal to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2050.

World Fuel Services’ Sustainability Report

In 2019, World Fuel also took several significant steps to strengthen its public commitment to operate more sustainably.

Start Your Sustainability Journey

We have embarked on our own journey toward a more sustainable future. Our experts will help you do the same with a custom carbon offset solution to fit your needs.
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