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As part of the Jet Aviation family for thirty-seven years, I have been fortunate to be part of the business and general aviation industry for the greater part of my career. My role at Jet Aviation has allowed me to be part of the day-to-day operations as well as the long-term growth of our organization.

During my tenure, I’ve been dedicated to driving all of our U.S. FBOs to exceed budgetary, company, and departmental goals. In conjunction, Jet Aviation continues to distinguish their operations with an unwavering dedication to customer service and safety.

Jet Aviation was highly engaged in the Exxon AVITAT program, of which I was co-chair, and we were instrumental in growing that program into an industry leader. With Exxon’s exit from the general aviation industry back in 2011, Jet Aviation recognized how important it was to partner with a company who was more than just a fuel supplier.

Fortunately, World Fuel and the FBOs they supplied, which had participated in the AVITAT program, came together to discuss a new network concept. Through a collaborative effort, World Fuel stepped up to the plate and developed a network program. Jet Aviation joined the Air Elite Network shortly after the program’s inception and I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing its tremendous growth over the last seven years. The Air Elite Network was created out of the FBO’s desire to partner together in an effort to evolve their service delivery and share industry best practices. The network has greatly increased in size and value in its short existence. A large part of this growth can be attributed to World Fuel’s continued investment in the success of the network, its members, and their customers.

It was a natural path for Jet Aviation to seek partnership with World Fuel through the Air Elite Network. We knew this was an opportunity to elevate our internal efforts with a larger network of FBOs, all of whom are bringing their unique and significant experience to the table.

At the time of our entry into the network, I managed both the Teterboro (KTEB) and Bedford (KBED) Jet Aviation locations. In this capacity, I made sure we continued to support the program and even expanded our involvement further, with many of our other Jet Aviation US network locations joining the membership as well. My role in the program continued to evolve as I was voted onto the Air Elite Board. This position has not only provided me with the opportunity to help Air Elite become the global program that it is today, but has also given me exposure to and support from some of the best FBOs in the world. We are incredibly proud of the fact that we have 18 Jet Aviation locations in the US, Caribbean, APAC and EMEA regions participating in the Air Elite program. This group includes our acquisition of Hawker Pacific locations, who were already actively engaged in the network.

As a part of the Jet Aviation organization, I am constantly asked, “Why Air Elite?” There are a number of reasons why Jet Aviation greatly values our membership within the network. One being that Air Elite allows us to align ourselves with a global fuel provider, World Fuel Services. We both have the common goal of operating and supporting customers on a global basis, as well as providing safe and reliable fuel solutions throughout the aviation industry. In addition to this, World Fuel has always been highly invested in Air Elite. Outside of the financial support, World Fuel provides, it is fully committed to the member-led board as well. This collaboration between World Fuel and the board has been instrumental in ensuring all recommendations regarding network development and member support are received and actioned.

In closing, I would say that Air Elite’s strongest asset for its members is our commitment to supporting each other as a unified network, rather than as individuals. Air Elite is dedicated to ensuring all members are trained to the elevated service delivery standard. Due to this, all diamond service locations receive an onsite audit which ensures consistency is maintained across the network. Each member is reviewed for their program participation, facility and service standards, and compliance requirements to certify they are reaching the high level of expectation of the network. It is incredibly valuable for flight departments and operators to know that this objective review of the members is taking place as it provides assurance that each Air Elite FBO is meeting or exceeding the strict safety and service expectations required by their membership. It is clear that Air Elite is genuinely focused on the core principle of an FBO, which is to ensure that customers are experiencing only the highest levels of safety and service when visiting any of our global locations. This is truly a network that works for you.

John Langevin VP & GM, FBO Operations, North America – East
Jet Aviation
Air Elite Network Board Chair, Air Elite Network

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